02/27/2015 08:47 am ET Updated Feb 27, 2015

Naomi Campbell's Cameraman Conflict Will Give You Some Unfortunate Déjà Vu

Say it isn't so, Naomi.

Right off the heels of an epic appearance during New York Fashion Week, Naomi Campbell is making headlines for a way less fortunate, sadly familiar reason.

The 44-year-old got into altercation with an NBC cameraman, who was filming her leaving a hotel in Cuba. The supermodel became angry and attempted to grab the camera out of his hand, before asking someone accompanying her to, "Stop this sh*t now."

In a phone interview with NBC News, Campbell apologized and called the incident a misunderstanding. "I am sorry for what happened. It was all a big misunderstanding. Please forgive me," she said.

The supermodel has faced her fair share of legal issues over assault in the past, but has spent recent years accusation free. Invasion of privacy can be trying on any celebrity, but the whole incident is enough to give any Naomi fan some unfortunate déjà-vu.



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