02/27/2015 03:20 pm ET Updated Feb 27, 2015

This Designer Built A Chair In The Time It Takes To Make A Sandwich

If you've ever put together an Ikea bed (or, say, attempted to build a piece of furniture yourself) then you know full well that furniture assembly and construction is one of life's most toughest tasks. But for one artist, it's anything but difficult.

Meet Jenny Nordberg, a Swedish interior designer who takes pleasure in what you probably find painful. Nordberg's series, called "3 to 5 Minutes," highlights how she makes pieces of furniture at incredibly fast speeds. In the video below, the designer builds, assembles and decorates a chair, all within less than five minutes.

Just for reference, in the time it took her to build that, we could've:

  • Taken a relaxing nap
  • Finished "Parks and Recreation"
  • Scanned Pinterest for more DIY projects
  • Gone online shopping
  • Taken a yoga class

All jokes aside, Nordberg is an incredible artist and designer. Even if her style of "DIY" is different from others, we do have a few easy hacks for making things in nearly half the time it would normally take.

Try this hack for making a T-shirt rug quickly, or try making your own coffee table tray with just a few power tools, some tape and a cake pan.

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