02/27/2015 02:53 pm ET

How Well Do Ed Sheeran And Taylor Swift Really Know Each Other?

It's no secret that pop sensations Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran are good friends, but this week their knowledge of each other was put to the test.

BBC Radio 1's Nick Grimshaw had the duo play a game of "Eds or Taylz" in which they were asked a series of questions about each other, and the winner would get to take over the loser's Twitter account.

They know each other really well, as it turns out, and Sheeran had an adorable memory of the exact moment Swift won him over.

“I always looked at American performers as just people that eat grapes once a day, and just kind of like … 'Oh, I just had a gust of wind, I’m cool.' So I was expecting to go there and be like, 'Uh, can I have a burger if Taylor’s gonna have a leaf of salad?' And then she’s like ‘Right, let’s get burgers.’”

When it came to being quizzed about how many views their hit duet, "Everything Has Changed," got on YouTube, one guessed a lot closer than the other. Check out the tweet below and take a wild guess about who won the competition:

We get that they're not dating, but can they please start?!

H/T BBC Radio 1



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