03/04/2015 08:06 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Stress Tip: Give Freely

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Giving is a powerful stress reduction tool; it immediately shifts you away from self-criticism and outward to others. The act of giving anything -- from an actual gift to the gift of your time, attention and effort -- has a powerful influence on your mood and your overall health.

Today, try giving one thing away, without conditions, imperatives or strings attached. Is there an opportunity to mentor a younger colleague? Are there supplies you can donate? Can you pay a heartfelt compliment? Who could use a kind ear? Outside of work, you might treat a friend to lunch or leave a bigger tip just because you can. You'll remind everyone around you that good things do happen, sometimes for no reason. Take an interest in others and that kindness will bounce back to you.

--Posted by Lindsay Holmes

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