03/04/2015 05:29 pm ET Updated Mar 04, 2015

Steve Nash All But Officially Admits NBA Career Is Over

Two-time NBA MVP Steve Nash all but officially admitted that his playing days are over in a radio interview on Tuesday.

During an appearance on The Bro Jake Show on TSN Radio 1040 Vancouver, Nash discussed his attempt to return to the court with the Los Angeles Lakers in the past tense (bad sign), saying that he feels a “sense of acceptance” (worse) after giving it his all to get healthy and make one last run at playing basketball at the highest level (even worse). From the interview:

Unfortunately, the NBA game is just a touch too far for me. I play one game and I’m out for up to a month, and that nerve -- I have a bunch of back things going on that compromise that nerve. You know, I’ve never worked as hard as I did the last 18 months [to] two years, twice a day almost every day to try to just give it that one last year or so. And you know, I had to finally kind of admit that it’s just not meant to be. And that’s tough, but I also feel a sense of acceptance because I gave it everything I possibly could.

Nash has only played in 65 regular season games out of a possible 223 since his trade to the Lakers in 2012. Over that period, Nash has struggled with a variety of maladies, including a broken leg, nerve damage in his back and just, like, being old. (Nash is 41.)

Nash, who will earn $9.7 million in the final year of his contract, published a condescending but also true statement to fans earlier this year after he faced criticism for posting a video of himself golfing early in the season, even though he was officially out for the season with the back stuff.

We could say what was in the statement, but as you'd expect, it’s all just really depressing, and it feels wrong to have one of the most fun NBA players ever go out on such a sad note. So instead, here are some cool Nash passes from back when he was one of the most exciting players in the league:

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