03/04/2015 01:46 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Trinity Bachmann, 13, Killed While Sitting In The Road After Family Argument

A Florida teenager was fatally hit by a car last weekend after she went out to sit in the road after an argument with her family.

Trinity Bachmann, a 13-year-old from the town of Apopka, was riding in a vehicle with several of her friends on Saturday night, according to the Orlando Sentinel. Her mother, 36-year-old Janice Pedroza, was driving the teens home from Orlando’s Central Florida Fair, where Bachmann was showing a pig for a Future Farmers of America competition, according to WESH.


After Pedroza dropped off one friend, the remaining children started arguing over who would sit in the front seat. Bachmann became so upset she announced she was going to walk home, then got out of the car and sat in the middle of the road.

When her mother got out of the car to try and get her back inside the vehicle, a passing vehicle hit both of them.

"We heard arguing going on and stepped outside," said Jackie Suggs, who lives near the site of the accident, told Click Orlando. "Somebody said 'get outta here,' and next thing you know, bam! She got hit and flew up in the air. It was awful."

Pedroza survived the incident, but Bachmann was killed.

Police say the driver that hit the pair, 21-year-old Mackenzi Miller, had glassy, bloodshot eyes and breath that smelled like alcohol. Officials took a blood sample and are still waiting for the results to come back. She has not been arrested.

Bachmann was described as an animal lover who was beloved by her community. "You could be in the worst mood, and she was one of those kind of people who could lift you up,” family friend Vicky Adams told the Orlando Sentinel.

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