03/09/2015 03:41 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

We Went Ahead And Gave Carol From 'The Walking Dead' The Movie Poster She Deserves

About that scene from "The Walking Dead" last night...

carol the walking dead

Over fives seasons, Carol Peletier has transformed from a battered wife and doting mother to a cold, hard assassin who can (spoiler alert!) kill walkers, blow up a building and even take out a child if the situation calls for it. On Sunday night's episode, entitled "Forget," Carol once again proved that she will go to great lengths to give her family of survivors an upper hand by threatening a child with death if he told on her for stealing weapons.

So, naturally, we thought photoshopping her head onto the movie poster for the classic '90s Kathleen Turner horror comedy "Serial Mom" was more than appropriate. In case you missed the jaw-dropping scene, check it out:

Image by Andy McDonald



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