03/09/2015 12:41 pm ET Updated Mar 09, 2015

Here's Who's Really Responsible For Daylight Saving Time

Feeling a little out of it today? You're not alone -- people all over the world are struggling to drag themselves out of the bed thanks to daylight saving time, which pushed the clock an hour forward in the middle of the night on Sunday.

John Oliver tackled the issue on "Last Week Tonight With John Oliver" this weekend, and if you think daylight saving time benefits the farmers, you're not alone. But you're wrong.

Apparently, it was introduced as a fuel-saving measure in Germany during World War I. And although it may have worked for Kaiser Wilhelm, it isn't quite as effective in the modern world -- and even leads to an increase in car accidents and work-related injuries, "Last Week Tonight" reports. In other words, "what you lose in sleep, you gain in mortal danger."

Hey, at least we'll get that hour back in November.

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