03/09/2015 02:48 am ET Updated Mar 09, 2015

'If You Stand For Equality, Then You're A Feminist': 9 Great Quotes From Emma Watson's Facebook Q&A

To commemorate International Women’s Day, inspiring human and actress Emma Watson participated in a Q&A at the Facebook office in London to stress, yet again, just how critical it is for both women and men to come together in the fight for gender equality.

Watson clearly does not take the topic lightly; she is, after all, a United Nations Women Goodwill Ambassador who represents the organization’s HeForShe Campaign, a movement that calls for both genders to advocate for equal rights.

Last year, during a stirring speech at the UN, Watson kicked off the solidarity campaign by formally inviting men everywhere to join the fight for women's rights. “I want men to take up this mantle. So their daughters, sisters and mothers can be free from prejudice but also so that their sons have permission to be vulnerable and human too -- reclaim those parts of themselves they abandoned and in doing so be a more true and complete version of themselves,” she said.

On Sunday, the 24-year-old “Harry Potter” actress reiterated the idea during the hour-long Q&A session, saying: “We’re never, ever, ever going to be able to fly as high unless we’re both in support of each other.” Watson said many wonderful, powerful things about feminism and its impact on her life (all of which you can watch here). Below, we share nine of our favorite quotes.

Emma Watson International Women's Day Quotes
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