03/11/2015 01:25 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2015

Best Laid Plans: When Career Ambitions Break Up A Marriage.

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Names: Caitlin and Stephen
Ages: 27 and 26
Caitlin’s Occupation: Full-time law student
Stephen’s Occupation: Squash professional
Children: none
Caitlin’s Location: Washington, D.C.
Stephen’s Location: Richmond, Virginia
Hi, Caitlin. What were your career expectations when you first started working?
I went into historic preservation right out of college. I planned to rise up in management and eventually end up in a directorship position, possibly with a small historical preservation society. I was a history major, and I worked in a museum between college and graduate school. I did a master’s in architectural history at the University of Virginia. There’s a lot of opportunity in the field because architectural history is becoming more relevant as cities age—federal laws require that you do an analysis on the impact of historic structures.

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