03/11/2015 11:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Cards Against Humanity Finally Goes Online; Expect Full Work Stoppage

Cards Against Humanity enthusiasts, rejoice! You can now play the cheeky card game anytime, anywhere -- and you don’t need to keep a stack of game cards in your pocket.

That’s because Canada-based designer Dawson Whitfield has, in a stroke of pure genius, created a free online version of the game. (Cards Against Humanity, which was released under a Creative Commons license, can be used, shared and repurposed by anyone for free.)

cards against humanity online

The online version, dubbed “Cards Against Originality,” is played just like the card game, only without physical cards. Instead, players can access the online version with their phone, tablet or computer.

All participants still need to be within earshot to play, but if you want to be really fancy, we're sure a Cards Against Humanity: Conference Call Edition could be arranged.

Play “Cards Against Originality” here.

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