03/10/2015 02:28 pm ET Updated Mar 11, 2015

The New Movement To Welcome LGBT Catholics To The Church

The gay community's fight for equality is ongoing, especially within religious sects. "OwningOurFaith," a short documentary profiling LGBT Catholics, seeks to address that by "encouraging a dialogue" between gay Catholics and the church -- in particular, Pope Francis, who invited the filmmakers to make the project and will be receiving a copy of it in the days to come.

"When you get an invitation from the head of the church to basically say 'Please tell us what's on your mind,' that I believe is the opening we all need to take," Larry Holodak, a co-producer of the film, told HuffPost Live on Tuesday.

According to Holodak, the 14-minute film provides "a context and a framework for people to be able to have their own dialogues and be able to share their story."

"Because I think it's only through the interaction that you have with each other, when you really get down and talk about these things, that change comes," he said.

Still, Holodak acknowledges that progress is slowly-evolving, and recognizes the value of patience.

"Every organization has an opportunity to change," he affirmed. "The Catholic Church is large. It's wide, it's global, so change comes at its own pace."

Watch the full HuffPost Live clip above to find out more about OwningOurFaith.

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