03/11/2015 04:23 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Two-Headed Bull Headed To Slaughterhouse

A bull with two heads is about to "meat" its maker after being sold to a slaughterhouse.

The bull, which has an extra snout and forehead, was sold Tuesday at an auction for $407 at Mareeba Salesyards in Mareeba, Queensland, according to the New York Daily News.

The sales yard described the bull as an “interesting bullock” to potential buyers and pointed out the second face "has an eye, one tooth and working nostrils,” according to the Cairns Post.

Although the two-faced bull is able to chew its food easily, the additional exposed areas on its faces attract flies.

Despite that, Mareeba Salesyards chairman Gerry Collins insists the animal is otherwise fine.

"There's nothing wrong with it as far as the animal is concerned," Collins told the Sydney Morning Herald. "Sometimes the genetic engineering doesn't quite work according to plan."

Collins said cattle born with two faces or extra limbs are unusual but not uncommon.

"There was a fair bit of curiosity and interest but I don't know whether there was a lot of interest in a commercial sense," he said, according to the Brisbane Times.

Despite Collins' misgivings, the two-faced bull did sell to an unnamed slaughterhouse, the Irish Mirror reports.

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