03/13/2015 03:56 pm ET

Glenn Beck Threatens To Sever Ties With NRA Over 'Very Dangerous' Board Member

Rob Kim via Getty Images

Glenn Beck is considering breaking ties with the National Rifle Association, but not for the reasons one might hope.

The object of Beck's ire is not the pro-Second Amendment rights organization itself, but board member Grover Norquist, the president of Americans for Tax Reform, who has been accused -- dubiously, it should be noted -- of having links to Egypt's Muslim Brotherhood. Largely dubbed a conspiracy theory by liberals and conservatives alike, the claims are primarily the work of Center for Security Policy founder Frank Gaffney.

In 2011, Gaffney was banned from speaking at the Conservative Political Action Conference because he had "become personally and tiresomely obsessed with his weird belief that anyone who doesn't agree with him" is either blind to the dangers America faces or "dupes of the nation's enemies."

Still, Beck invited Gaffney onto his radio show Wednesday to discuss Norquist's reelection campaign, as well as the possibility that it all might be a scheme designed to advance the agenda of a nefarious Islamist group.

“I find this so serious, and I find him such a dangerous man, that I may reject my membership of the NRA if he’s re-elected," Beck said during the segment. "I just don’t think I can stand with the organization. And I love this organization. I think they do an awful lot of good and I think they are really good people. And I’ve helped raise millions of dollars for them. But Grover Norquist is a very, very bad and dangerous man in my opinion."

H/T Media Matters