03/16/2015 07:22 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Monday's Morning Email: Arrest Made in Ferguson Protest Shooting

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ARREST MADE IN FERGUSON POLICE SHOOTING Police arrested Jeffrey Williams, a 20-year-old who acknowledged he'd been at Ferguson protests, for allegedly shooting and injuring two officers Thursday. Officials say Williams may have been aiming at someone else. [Sam Levine and Mariah Stewart, HuffPost]

TOM COTTON: 'NO REGRETS' OVER IRAN LETTER "Sen. Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) said on CBS’ 'Face the Nation' on Sunday that he had 'no regrets at all' over the letter he orchestrated to be sent to Iranian ayatollahs warning them that any deal struck with the Obama administration over their country’s nuclear program could be cancelled by a future administration or Congress." [Paul Blumenthal, HuffPost]

ROBERT DURST ARRESTED "The arrest of Robert Durst, a wealthy eccentric linked to two killings and his wife's disappearance, came on Sunday just before the finale in an HBO show about his life in which he said he 'killed them all.'" You can watch the chilling footage from last night that helped lead to Durst's arrest. [AP]

WIN YOUR OFFICE MARCH MADNESS BRACKET We dare you not to pick undefeated Kentucky. Check out Nate Silver's annual prediction. Go big with this bracket for risk takers. Print your bracket. And a little food for thought: the history of undefeated teams in March Madness. [Alana Horowitz, HuffPost]

THE TOP-SECRET TOOL THAT CAN TRACK YOUR CELL PHONES "The technology goes by various names, including StingRay, KingFish or, generically, cell site simulator. It is a rectangular device, small enough to fit into a suitcase, that intercepts a cellphone signal by acting like a cellphone tower. The technology can also capture texts, calls, emails and other data, and prosecutors have received court approval to use it for such purposes." [NYT]

AS IRAN NUCLEAR TALKS RESUME, ASSAD ENTERS THE MIX With nuclear talks with Iran set to resume today in Switzerland, Secretary of State John Kerry stated there was a place for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad in negotiations. [NYT]

TRAIL TO THE CHIEF: DARK HORSES GALORE Is there a Barack Obama of 2016? [Jason Linkins and Lauren Weber, HuffPost]


THE ATLANTIC: IS IT TIME FOR JEWS TO LEAVE EUROPE? "For half a century, memories of the Holocaust inoculated the Continent against overt anti-Semitism. That period has ended—the recent fatal attacks in Paris and Copenhagen are merely the latest in a mounting tide. Today, right-wing fascist strains of Jew-hatred are merging with a new threat from radicalized Islamists, confronting Europe with a crisis, and its Jews with an agonizing choice." [The Atlantic]


THE DEATH OF THE RURAL HOSPITAL "The Kansas-based National Rural Health Association, which represents about 2,000 small hospitals across the country and other rural care providers, says that 48 rural hospitals have closed since 2010, the majority in Southern states, and 283 others are in trouble. In Texas alone, 10 have closed." [WaPo]

'CINDERELLA' HAD A MAGICAL DEBUT AT THE BOX OFFICE The reboot of the classic raked in over $70 million. [AP]

THE RICHEST CHARACTERS ON TV The Underwoods get crushed by the competition in this ranking. [Vanity Fair]

WEDDING COSTS JUST KEEP GOING UP Say "I do" to a pile of bills. [HuffPost]

BITE YOUR NAILS? You're probably a perfectionist. [HuffPost]


THE WUNDER-MACHINE OF WUNDERDRUGS "Researchers have created a 3-D printer that works on the atomic scale, assembling complex molecules from scratch. And they say their molecule-making machine could revolutionize the drug-development process and simplify the fabrication of solar cells and other high-tech products." [HuffPost]


SLEEP IS GOOD "Researchers found a significant association between sleep debt and both obesity and insulin resistance. And by the end of a year, they found that the risk of obesity increased by 17 percent and the risk of insulin resistance increased by 39 percent for each 30 minutes of weekday sleep debt at the beginning of the study." [HuffPost]


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