03/17/2015 04:21 pm ET Updated Mar 17, 2015

'Empire' Actress Grace Gealey Previews The Season Finale: 'It's Going To Be A Doozy'

If you've been watching "Empire" along with the rest of America, you already know to expect nothing short of fireworks on the two-hour season finale airing Wednesday on Fox. To prepare, HuffPost Live got a little preview of the episode on Monday from Grace Gealey, who plays A&R executive Anika Calhoun.

The finale marks the return of Anika, who has been away after jumping ship to work for the competitor of her former fiancee Lucious Lyon.

"She is really going to come back with a vengeance," Gealey said. "There's nothing that she's really going to be afraid to do at this point."

Viewers can expect explosive turns from not just Anika, but every character on the show.

"For the finale, everyone is at their climactic moment, so every scene that you see will be like the total height of what it's supposed to be at that point. So it's going to be a doozy," she said.

Gealey's character has been one of the chief obstacles between Lucious getting back together with his ex-wife Cookie, but even when she puts her role as Anika aside, Gealey isn't sure she wants to see a reunion between the former spouses. She explained:

There was a point where Grace the person really wanted to have them get back together. But I think now, as you're seeing the episodes unravel, you're seeing more and more of Lucious' personality, and I think the biggest thing that kind of alarms people is we're wondering, is Lucious able to take care of somebody's love? And if he's not able to take care of somebody's love, then I wouldn't want Cookie with him, you know what I mean? I want her to be taken care of.

Watch the full HuffPost Live conversation with "Empire" actress Grace Gealey here.

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