Joe Biden 2016? Group Aims To Draft Vice President Into Race For White House

WASHINGTON -- You might be Ready for Hillary. You might even be Ready for Warren. But are you Ready for Joe?

A new group is hoping to draft Vice President Joe Biden into the race for the White House in 2016, potentially shaking up the Democratic primary in the wake of growing controversy over Hillary Clinton's email practices at the State Department.

The "Draft Biden 2016" website went live on Tuesday, calling for "an experienced, steady hand on the wheel" at a time of great uncertainty abroad. It touted Biden's long career in Washington, his extensive foreign policy experience and his blue collar appeal as reasons he'd make a great candidate for president.

"He’s been the proverbial 'heart beat' away for eight years. No one else will bring the passion, joy and knowledge to the office, and there is no one more deserving, more willing and more qualified to be our 45th President than Joseph Biden," reads a statement on the website.

Will Pierce, the group's organizer and a former Biden 2008 volunteer, told The Huffington Post that voters have grown weary of political dynasties and that Democrats needed a new standard bearer.

"Biden's been great a statesman and he'd make a great president," he said in a phone interview.

The group consists mostly of grassroots supporters who previously volunteered for Biden and for Organizing for America, President Barack Obama's grassroots group. They aim to staff up with several more hires later this month as the operation gets off the ground.

Asked if the timing of the group's formation had anything to do with problems Clinton currently faces over her failure to properly archive email correspondence while serving as a government official, Pierce said the goal was simply to give Biden enough time to jump into the race.

If Biden, 72, were to be elected president in 2016, he would take office at age 74, making him the oldest person ever to do so. Earlier this year, he said there was still a "chance" he might decide to run.

“But I haven’t made my mind up about that," Biden said at the time.

The vice president has also stirred speculation about the possibility of a bid with recent trips to early primary states of Iowa and South Carolina. Should he decide to run, however, he would have to overcome a severe polling disadvantage. Biden has trailed Clinton and Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) badly in just about every early primary poll.



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