03/17/2015 12:26 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'Vámonos,' Queer Film, Explores Misgendering, Clothing And Death

What outfit do you want to be buried in when you die?

It's a thought that we're not often culturally prompted to consider, though the implications of this question can be far-reaching for a member of the queer community. Far too often, queer people are buried in clothes that don't correspond with their gender identity due to the wishes of their surviving family.

The film "Vámonos" explores this idea, following the story of a gay latina mourning the death of her butch girlfriend, Mac. The film is still seeking funding and in order to generate conversation surrounding the idea of misgendering after death, filmmakers produced this short video asking people: "What outfit do you want to be buried in when you die?"

"We just created this video asking various people what outfit they want to be buried in after they die to bring to light an issue within the LGBT community," Director Marvin Bryan Lemus told The Huffington Post. "Some butch-identified women and trans men and women often are buried in clothes that doesn't represent their identity because of family who either are unaware of the distinctions or whose religious beliefs lead them to turn a blind eye to the importance of one's identity."

Want to learn more about "Vámonos"? Head here. Filmmakers are also encouraging individuals to tweet using the hashtag #OOTDead about what they want to be buried in as an act of empowerment.



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