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10 Times Dylan And Cole Sprouse Were The Best Twins On Twitter

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On March 18, 2005, a set of twins landed on our television screens in a new show about the many adventures of life in a hotel. That's right. It's been 10 years since Dylan and Cole Sprouse stole our hearts in the first episode of "The Suite Life of Zack and Cody."

From entering beauty pageants to letting a robot loose in the lobby, the twins and their shenanigans at the Tipton Hotel had us laughing even when they went out to sea in the spinoff "The Suite Life on Deck." Since then, Dylan and Cole have taken a break from acting and have kept busy with classes at NYU. Along the way, they've both racked up more than 1 million Twitter followers. Now, we're celebrating the 10-year anniversary of their show with 10 of their best Twitter moments -- check 'em out, below.

1. When Dylan let us in on what Cole really watches on Netflix. 2. When Cole finally made us understand why #AlexFromTarget looked so familiar. 3. When Dylan asked this really valid question. 4. When Cole came up with this awesome “Suite Life” spinoff. And by awesome, we actually mean totally terrifying. 5. When Dylan acknowledged Zack and Cody fan fiction and probably shut down Tumblr in the process. 6. When Cole came up with an awesome poster for a “Zack and Cody: Where Are They Now?” special. 7. When Dylan found his celebrity twin -- literally. 8. When Cole shared this moment. Twin game so strong. 9. When Dylan just had one tiny request when it came to being Photoshopped. 10. When Cole pretty much spoke to our soul.

This amazing Twitter exchange between the guys and their co-star, Ashley Tisdale. #SuiteLifeReunion

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Shout out to Dylan and Cole for being such national treasures.

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