03/19/2015 08:05 am ET Updated Mar 19, 2015

You Don't Need Dye To Pull Off These Adorable Easter Eggs

Like hanging ornaments on the Christmas tree or preparing a Thanksgiving Turkey, decorating Easter eggs is a holiday tradition that stays pretty much the same each year. To make things a little more fun when Easter rolls around this year, we've found a super cute trick to keep your egg decor fresh.

This video by Women's Day teaches you a "sneaky shortcut" for decorating Easter eggs, minus the hassle of actually dyeing them. All you need are hard boiled eggs, some bunny stickers and a few felt-tip markers.

As shown in the video below, simply take an egg, put a bunny sticker on it and start outlining the bunny with small dots. Extend the dots out along the outline, then peel off the sticker to reveal your adorable bunny design.

Watch the video below for more specifics:

For even more Easter egg decorating ideas, try replicating some of these trendy designs from HGTV and try your luck at these alternative eggs.

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