03/24/2015 10:50 am ET

Bill O'Reilly And Bernie Goldberg Continue To Argue Over Fox News' Conservative Bias

And he's back.

Less than a week after commentator Bernie Goldberg appeared on Fox News to battle Bill O'Reilly over the political agenda of the network, O'Reilly invited him back Monday night to continue the discussion.

Goldberg began by clarifying that he wasn't trying to be anti-Fox News. He praised the network for having what he called the best newscast on TV and for offering a “very important counterbalance to the liberal media.” But then Goldberg went on to pretty much say exactly what he was arguing the week before.

"The point I made the other night and the point I'm making again tonight is that liberals in the media go easy on their people and tough on conservatives, and conservatives in the media go easy on their people and tough on liberals," he said.

Goldberg criticized both sides of the media for highlighting certain elements of the news and hiding others that may hurt their political favorites.

"Sorry, but Fox News didn't cover -- in the initial stages -- the Tea Party as much as they championed and were cheerleaders for the Tea Party," he said. "Even worse, some people on this channel tried to turn this yahoo rancher from Nevada [Cliven Bundy] into an American folk hero simply because he was against the federal government and so were they."

O'Reilly fought back, saying that Fox News doesn't "whitewash stories" and claiming that the network covers "everything."