03/24/2015 04:41 pm ET Updated Mar 24, 2015

Europe Grieves In Wake Of Tragic Germanwings Crash (PHOTOS)

A plane traveling from Spain to Germany went down over a remote area of the French Alps on Tuesday. No one is believed to have survived the crash.

The Airbus A320 plane, operated by Lufthansa's Germanwings budget airline, was on its way from Barcelona to Düsseldorf when it went into a rapid decline and lost radar contact. The plane crashed in the French Alps, about 65 miles north of the coastal city of Nice.

Aboard the plane were 144 passengers, two pilots and four flight attendants. Dozens of Germans and Spanish nationals were among the victims, as well as two Australians, one Belgian and one Dutch national. The victims include a group of German high school students who were traveling home after participating in an exchange program with a Spanish school.

People across Europe mourned the victims of the tragic crash on Tuesday. "The grief of the families and friends is immeasurable," German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier said after surveying the crash site. "We must now stand together. We are united in our great grief."

Europe Mourns Germanwings Crash Victims