03/24/2015 11:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'I Heart Girl' Photos Show The Feminine Bodies Mainstream Media Doesn't

A new series by New York photographer Jessica Yatrofsky is a gorgeous exploration of women's femininity.

The "I Heart Girl," monograph, a follow-up to Yatrofsky's successful 2011 book "I Heart Boy," will be released this summer. The book of portraits shows the huge breadth of people that identify as feminine, urging the viewer to rethink female beauty.

(Some images below may be considered NSFW.)

i heart girl

"I've always been drawn to depicting the body," Yatrofsky told The Huffington Post. "I think it's very important to make images that represent a facet that reflects the current cultural landscape, which is why both ['I Heart Boy' and 'I Heart Girl'] highlight gender identification."

Yatrofsky told i-D that while some of her subjects are unclothed, all of them project a vulnerability that is important to understanding how they present their gender and sexual identities.

"It's an impossible task to de-sexualize women," she told i-D. "I think sexual identity is important for the self and I care about celebrating and honoring what resonates with how each subject chooses to express herself."

See more striking images from the series below.

"I Heart Girl" by Jessica Yatrofsky


"Masculinities" by Chad States