03/25/2015 03:28 am ET Updated Mar 25, 2015

Phil Robertson Of 'Duck Dynasty' Reveals Bizarre Atheist Rape And Murder Fantasy

Kris Connor via Getty Images

"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson delivered a bizarre speech in which he created a hypothetical scenario about an atheist being forced to watch his "little atheist daughters" get raped and then having his penis hacked off and shown to him.

Speaking at a Christian event in Florida on Friday, Robertson was apparently trying to "prove" that having no belief in the afterlife and its consequences would make any level of violence acceptable.

Two guys break into an atheist’s home. He has a little atheist wife and two little atheist daughters," Robertson said in audio from the Vero Beach Prayer Breakfast, obtained by Right Wing Watch. "Two guys break into his home and tie him up in a chair and gag him."

Robertson continued:

"And then they take his two daughters in front of him and rape both of them and then shoot 'em and they take his wife and then decapitate her head off in front of him. And then they can look at him and say, 'Isn't it great that I don’t have to worry about being judged? Isn't it great that there's nothing wrong with this? There's no right or wrong, now is it dude?'

Then you take a sharp knife and take his manhood and hold it in front of him and say, 'Wouldn't it be something if this was something wrong with this? But you’re the one who says there is no God, there’s no right, there’s no wrong, so we’re just having fun. We're sick in the head, have a nice day.'

If it happened to them, they probably would say, 'Something about this just ain't right.'"

Listen to the audio here, which begins with an apparent attack on healthcare.

Robertson has a history of inflammatory comments. Previously, he compared homosexuality to bestiality and called AIDS a punishment for immorality.

He also said ISIS terrorists should be converted to Jesus or killed, and more recently, blamed "beatniks" and "hippies" for sexually transmitted diseases.



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