03/31/2015 08:16 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2015

12 Couples Who Ignored Expectations And Did Their Weddings Their Way

Fuse via Getty Images

The $50 billion wedding industry would have us think that in order to celebrate your special day, you need to tick off certain boxes: white dresses, formal tuxes, bouquets and bouquets of flowers, religious vows, toasts and countless more expectations. If you don't have these things, it's as if it doesn't count.

Or does it?

Alternative or offbeat weddings are becoming more popular as couples shake off the shackles of tradition to celebrate their commitment in ways that more closely represent them. Whether it's aiming to cut back on the astronomical costs or just trying for something more reflective of their true personalities, these couples show us that a wedding doesn't have to fit into a box.

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