03/31/2015 02:44 pm ET Updated Mar 31, 2015

Hilarious Grandma Poses In Real Estate Staging Photos, Becomes Hot Property

No, she doesn't come with the house.

Yolie Ball, an 86-year-old grandmother who's selling her home in Davenport, Florida, is now a hot property after posing in some adorable real estate photos. They went viral courtesy of a tweet from her granddaughter, Makenzie Ball. (Our personal favorite: peeking through the doorway.)

While BuzzFeed noted the staging pics weren't used in the actual listing, they have circulated faster than a realtor could dream, with tens of thousands of retweets (including one by Conan sidekick Andy Richter). And Ball is enjoying the attention.

“She’s just a very happy lady and it makes her ecstatic to make this many people smile!” Makenzie said to BuzzFeed.

According to Good Morning America, Ball's daughter Sandra was taking snaps for the listing when the grandmother decided to join the scenery. The results are pretty darn cute -- part photobomb-like and all adorable.

"If I had a dollar for every time someone tweeted me and said "LOL Does the grandma come with the house?" I would literally have $14,000," Makenzie wrote on Facebook.

Ball and her husband reportedly placed the house on the market about a month ago. "Hopefully after all this time the house will sell," the grandmother told AOL. "Not because we want to but because it's come to a stage in our life that our daughter is quite adamant that we be close to her."

So far, however, no buyer. "My grandma said a lot of people drove by while there were news crews outside," Makenzie told The Huffington Post on Tuesday. "The house is still on the market."

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