03/31/2015 11:36 am ET Updated Mar 31, 2015

Gov. Mike Pence Invokes Selma In Defending Indiana's Anti-LGBT Law

Bill Clark via Getty Images

Indiana Gov. Mike Pence (R) went on “Fox & Friends” on Tuesday morning to defend the “religious liberty” bill he recently signed, which critics say invites discrimination against gay, lesbian and transgender people.

Since the legislation was signed last Thursday, the governor has faced blistering criticism and a boycott that now includes the states of Connecticut and Washington.

“Five years ago, my wife and my family walked the Edmund Pettus Bridge with John Lewis when I co-chaired the pilgrimage to mark the 45th anniversary of Bloody Sunday,” Pence said on the show. “I abhor discrimination. If I was in a restaurant and saw a business owner deny services to someone because they were gay, I wouldn’t eat there anymore. Frankly, that’s how most Hoosiers are.”

But Pence’s refusal to answer basic questions about what the law would allow make his assurances ring hollow. Pence has said he would not support LGBT anti-discrimination legislation to coincide with the law, and refused -- a whopping six times -- to answer whether the legislation would allow a florist to decline service to a gay couple.

“It’s important to me in this process, and we’ll do it through legislation, that people know that Indiana is standing here for religious liberty,” the governor added.