04/01/2015 01:25 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

How Can A Mom Help Her Pregnant Daughter Stay Sober? (VIDEO)

Derica says she began drinking alcohol and smoking pot when she was 14, and soon moved onto harder drugs like cocaine and ecstasy. Now 27, she says her drug of choice is meth, which she has been using for three years, intravenously for the last six months.

But Derica says she stopped using once she learned she was pregnant. “I’m approximately seven to eight weeks pregnant,” she says. “I’ve been sober for about five weeks.” The mom-to-be admits she still smokes cigarettes and says she's worried she won’t be able to stay clean. “There’s a part of me [that asks], ‘Do I want to stay sober?’”

In the video above, Dr. Phil tells Derica the one thing he looks for in addicts to predict whether they have a genuine chance to get better. And, he urges her mother, Kezia, to take a closer look at how her behavior is impacting her daughter.

Watch more from this show here, including Dr. Phil’s sobering wake-up call for Derica.

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