04/01/2015 02:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

App Lets You Donate Companies' Money To Charity Just By Clicking

Clicking never felt so good.

Tinbox, a new app out of Paris, has devised a way for users to give big companies’ money away just by tapping their phone’s screen.

Participating companies agree to donate 1 euro (about $1) each time a user clicks on the profile of a nonprofit that has partnered with the app. Users choose a project they want to support, then a list of items the group needs, say a hospital bed or a stethoscope, appears and they choose which product their click should support.

Once the user completes the “purchase,” the logo of the company that’s supporting the organization appears for five seconds, then disappears. The user isn’t prompted to take any other actions, like viewing cumbersome pop-ups or revenue-generating ads, TechCrunch noted.

It’s still a pretty sweet deal for involved companies.

They get to boost their brand, measure the number of times people have been exposed to their giving and can include projects they’ve already budgeted for, according to Tinbox.

German-based software company SAP has agreed to fund 10,000 clicks, according to TechCrunch. The app said it’s in discussions with a number of major brands and smaller companies.

Currently in its beta phase, Tinbox plans on opening up to the public in the next few weeks.

Tinbox has signed on a number of charities, including EXCITED, which promotes STEM education for Irish children and Electricians Without Borders, a group of electrician volunteers that help communities in need.

In addition to getting funding and visibility, charities get the added benefit of engaging with supporter who don’t have the funds to help.

“We solve the problem of not being able to donate to the charity they care about,” co-founder David Linderman told Techcrunch. “Our vision is that everyone is able to support the causes [that speak] to them.”

Find out more about Tinbox and how you can download the app here.

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