04/03/2015 08:13 am ET Updated Apr 03, 2015

Can These Tools Hack Your Sleep? Doctors Say Dream On

Edoardo Bonaccorsi/Flickr

The fantasy of sleeping less while achieving more is far older than the Internet, where today you can find a slew of tips and new, high-tech solutions that claim to track and optimize our sleep into submission, with the dream that, perhaps, we could get by on more sleep. But does sleep hacking actually work?

"Are there techniques and technologies which allow you to function normally on less sleep?" says Stephanie O. Zandieh, a specialist in pediatric sleep medicine. "My short answer is no."

To better understand our growing arsenal of sleep-hacking techniques and technologies, I asked Zandieh and Nathaniel F. Watson, the president elect of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine, for their input. They responded with more basic, general advice: Good sleep begins with good sleep hygiene.

No gadgets, just hygiene.

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