04/03/2015 12:58 pm ET

College Kids Giving Up Their Cellphones: The Incredible Tale Of The Maryland Women's Team

PHILIPPE HUGUEN via Getty Images

The Maryland women’s basketball team reached plenty of milestones this season. The Terps won the Big Ten regular season title. They won the Big Ten tournament. They won 28 straight games. In consecutive postseason games they knocked off undefeated Princeton, longtime rival Duke, and women’s power Tennessee. And in the process, they clinched their second straight Final Four berth.

And yet this may be the most amazing thing the Terps did this season: they voluntarily forfeited their cell phones for more than 72 hours last weekend, turning them in Friday evening in Spokane, and not getting them back until late Monday night, following their win over Tennessee.

If I go 30 minutes without my phone, I start to quiver a bit. A day without my phone would give me cold sweats. More than three days? I’d be off to meet my maker, thanks very much.

“To give up our phones is probably one of the best things we decided to do as a team,” guard Lexie Brown said. “I mean, I like my phone. But this has taught me I don’t need it.”

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