04/03/2015 04:12 pm ET Updated Apr 07, 2015

How Promoting Better Sleep In The Transportation Industry Is Saving Lives

Studies show that 28 percent of truck drivers have sleep apnea, which can lead to daytime drowsiness and fatigue -- not experiences that anyone would welcome behind the wheel.

In fact, across many modes of transportation, rest proves problematic. Nearly 60 percent of train operators, 50 percent of pilots, 44 percent of truck drivers and 29 percent of bus and taxi drivers say they never or rarely get a good night's sleep on work nights, according to the National Sleep Foundation. The transportation industry has taken measures to enact new policies to conduct greater screening for sleep disorders, to encourage more sleep and to promote better overall well-being on the road.

For one driver profiled in the National Geographic channel's "Sleepless in America" documentary, sleep apnea screening has made all the difference. "I really think that being diagnosed with sleep apnea and now being treated, it probably saved my life," he says in the clip above. "And I know it probably saved somebody else's life as well."

For more on how the transportation industry is supporting more and better sleep, check out the clip above.



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