04/03/2015 10:07 am ET Updated Apr 03, 2015

'You Do You' Isn't Just Millennial Narcissism -- It's a Feminist Call to Action, So Keep Saying It

Yuryimaging via Getty Images

The New York Times’ stance on millennials typically migrates between patronizingly defending us to its older readers and gleefully breaking news of our “latest” “trends” 12-16 months late (see: Bushwick, vape pens, beards). So, in a brave counter-narrative for NYT Magazine’s “First Words” column, an essay published this week promised to establish “How ‘You Do You’ Perfectly Captures Our Narcissistic Culture.” You know, us, with our selfie sticks and our pathological overshare and our incessant shirking of responsibilities while feeling entitled to rewards for following our hearts.

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