04/06/2015 05:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mom Says Grandma Stole Custody Of The Kids (VIDEO)

It's grandma vs. mom in a heated custody battle that has been going on for over five years. Although a court ordered the grandma, Marcia, permanent custody of Brooke's two kids, Brooke says her mom is a "monster" who stole custody of her kids. "Marcia is always trying to paint me as an unfit parent, constantly making up lies about me that I'm a prostitute, do drugs, sell drugs ... it's absolutely absurd," says Brooke, 39, admitting that she has struggled with drugs. She believes her mom purposely has tried to alienate her from her two boys. "Visiting my sons was like going to a prison with Marcia as a warden," she says, and is further incensed that her mom has asked for her visits with the kids to be put in writing two weeks prior, which even the court doesn't require of her. "Marcia is a narcissist and she's on a crusade to ruin my life," concludes Brooke.

Marcia, who won temporary custody in 2009 and then permanent custody in 2011, says she had no choice but to raise her grandkids. "Brooke is not fit to raise her sons. She's abused drugs in the past, she's been in abusive relationships with men, and Brooke hasn't abided by the court's ruling for her to drug test and take her parenting classes," she says. "It's Brooke's fault that I have permanent custody. Brooke had to show the courts that she could be a fit mother and she did not do that." In response to Brooke's accusations that she's demeaning her daughter to the kids, she says, "Out of concern, I have shared stories, but I do not try to ruin Brooke's reputation and I do not badmouth her in public."

Watch the video above as the women turn to Dr. Phil for help, and see what happens when the kids speak up.

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