04/06/2015 09:57 am ET Updated Apr 06, 2015

Frank Kaminsky On Andrew Harrison Controversy: 'Over It'

The basketball world got itself all riled up this weekend after Kentucky’s Andrew Harrison summarized his thoughts on Wisconsin’s Frank Kaminsky as such: “F--k that n---a.”

But Kaminsky himself said Sunday that all the hubbub surrounding the hot mic moment is much ado about nothing. He’s probably even annoyed we’re writing this article right now.

Harrison’s remark came after his team’s Saturday night loss to Kaminsky and Wisconsin. It was supposed to be made in private, but Harrison made the classic mistake of making that private remark during a televised press conference for the entire world to hear.

The “hand over mouth” failed him, and it failed spectacularly.

Harrison apologized later that night on Twitter, saying the comment was made “in jest.” But if you’re Frank Kaminsky, would you rather be talking about Andrew Harrison or preparing for your NCAA championship game against Duke? We’re guessing the latter.

Internet people claim the remark was racist, but that argument is so error-ridden we refuse to engage with it here.



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