04/08/2015 05:52 pm ET Updated Apr 13, 2015

Finally, Ice Cream That Understands The Struggles Of PMSing

Finally, there's an ice cream that feels your (menstrual) pain.

College student Parker Jones created a series of fake ice cream flavors that every menstruating woman can fall in love with: "Ice Cream That Understands PMS." The project features three fictional ice cream flavors that truly understand the struggle of having your period with names like "I Need Some More," "I Think I'm Dying" and -- our favorite -- "Don't Come Near Me." Sounds familiar.

The 21-year-old graphic design student told The Huffington Post she created the project for a senior capstone class. "The idea was simply what I wish I could say when I'm PMSing," Parker said.

Each flavor features seven stages of that emotion on its label. For "Don't Come Near Me" the emotional stages include anger, rage, whining, crying, anxiety, laughter and repeat. Been there, done that.

For every woman who's ever suffered from menstrual mood swings to chocolate binges and period cramps -- we've found your companion.

Check out Jones' delicious creations below.

Ice Cream That Understands Our PMS

Head over to Jones' website to check out more of her work.

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