04/08/2015 12:30 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2015

Brazil's Miss BumBum Stirs Controversy With Virgin Mary Body Art (NSFW)

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Was it poorly timed or just in poor taste?

Brazil's reigning Miss BumBum Indianara Carvalho is facing some heat after she posted some racy photos to her Instagram on Good Friday.

Critics in her predominantly Catholic homeland, including the runner-up in last year's pageant, are steamed that the newly crowned princess of posteriors celebrated one of the faith's holiest days by getting an image of the Virgin Mary painted on her naked body. In some of the photos, her hands appeared clasped as if in prayer.

Warning: NSFW Photos

Miss BumBum's Controversial Body Art

According to the Daily Mail:

The image, one of a series of nude shots she shared over the Easter weekend, was accompanied with a prayer which including the words: "Good Friday. Lord, on this day I ask for peace, love, wisdom and strength."

Claudia Alende, 21, who came in second place, called Carvalho, 23, an "attention-seeking s***," framing her former opponent's actions as an affront to her faith and that of millions of Brazilians.

"Our Lady is a holy figure, and for many the most important figure in their lives," Alende told the Daily Mail. "To paint her across your naked body, especially on Good Friday, shows a breathtaking lack of respect and judgement."

Fox News Latino reports that Carvalho also posted a photo of herself in bunny ears, with paint resembling a smear of molten chocolate partially covering her breasts. That photo doesn't appear to have offended anyone.

Click to reveal Carvalho's other Easter photo

The Miss BumBum pageant is no stranger to drama. In 2013, allegations of corruption surfaced after a columnist said he had proof that two contestants had paid thousands of dollars in bribes to pageant judges, and that the contest winner had already been decided weeks in advance. Neither woman won the crown.



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