04/09/2015 01:16 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

India's 'Needle Man' Claims He Can Stick 550 Needles In His Face

Bhupan Chandra Das, 37, is stuck in a rut.

He's known as India's "Needle Man" for his ability to stick hundreds of surgical needles into his face at once.

Das claims he once stuck 550 of them in his face at one time and could have done more, but was limited by a time restriction.

"I started doing stunts 15 years ago," he told Barcroft TV. "I don't find it painful. I used to initially, but not now."

Das has found some fame, but little fortune, for his efforts and that's a sticking point with his father, Sambhruam Das.

“I asked my son to discontinue such activity and find any job,” Sambhruam told Barcroft. “I also told him to get married and start his life afresh.”

Das said he won't stop sticking himself with needles until he gets recognized by Guinness World Records, but that could be a while.

That's because while 550 needles is a lot for any human, the official world record for most needles in a noggin is 2,188. It was achieved by Wei Shengchu of China on June 11, 2013.

bhupan chandra das

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