04/09/2015 10:45 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

90-Year-Old McDonald's Employee Turns Up For Birthday Bash At The Golden Arches

A nonagenarian just celebrated his birthday, and he was clearly "lovin' it."

Bill Dudley, from Connah's Quay in Wales, recently turned 90, and to commemorate the milestone, he had a birthday party on Wednesday at his place of employment -- McDonald's, BBC News reported.

Bill Dudley with his birthday cake, outside of McDonald's.

The shindig, which was complete with balloons and a very appropriate McDonald's-themed cake, ended up being a delightful one for both Dudley and his coworkers.

"We are all incredibly proud to work alongside him as he's such an inspiring member of the team," said Stewart Williams, the restaurant's franchisee, according to BBC. "I look forward to celebrating his birthday again next year."

Dudley, celebrating his birthday at McDonald's.

The fast-food restaurant hosted celebrations throughout Dudley's special day, Wales Online reported. And though the chain may seem like an unusual place for the 90-year-old to work, Dudley said it's perfect for him. Prior to beginning his job at McDonald's nine years ago, Dudley, a World War II navy veteran, had retired as a crane driver but wasn't ready to slow down.

Dudley, with a tray of McDonald's food.

“I was bored pottering around the house and my wife wouldn’t let me help out with the gardening, so applied for a job at McDonald’s and I haven’t looked back," Dudley said, according to Wales Online.

The employee, whom his wife calls "Old McDonald," doesn't sound like he'll be quitting anytime soon.

"I still love coming to work," Dudley said, according to Wales Online. "The camaraderie is fantastic and I’m really lucky to be surrounded by a great team who are like my family.”

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