04/09/2015 02:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Oscar De La Renta's Final Fragrance, Extraordinary, Is As Timeless As His Dresses

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The doorway made of pink carnations and hydrangeas at Oscar de la Renta's Spring 2015 show was breathtaking. The image of the designer standing on the runway next to his model-muse Karlie Kloss left behind a joyous memory of the fashion legend.

Little did we know that de la Renta's beautiful spring backdrop was a prelude to his last fragrance, Extraordinary. Apparently, de la Renta used the word "extraordinary" to pay the highest of compliments to women he believed embodied great passion, confidence and style. So it's only natural that he would design a perfume to complete the "extraordinary" women's wardrobe.

And what girl doesn't want to wear a de la Renta original?

What It's Made From?

Extraordinary is blended with timeless florals like cherry blossom, peony and rose as well as warm notes of neroli and amber resin. This makes for an effervescent perfume that opens with a bold burst before drying down to a soft scent.

It's packaged in a celestial-shaped glass bottle that highlights the pink-hued perfume and appeals to younger women. This is quite the opposite from de la Renta's signature fragrances, Oscar and Esprit d'Oscar, which possessed sleeker bottles and mature notes of jasmine and tuberose.

oscar de la renta extraordinary

Available at Oscar de la Renta boutiques, Lord & Taylor, Macy's, Dillards and Belk.

How I Wore It

When I first got my hands on a bottle of Extraordinary, spring was nowhere in sight. Yet I found the fresh floral scent an immediate escape from the depths of winter and the woodsy fragrances I usually gravitate towards.

After my morning shower, I applied shea butter as a moisturizer, and then spritz the perfume onto my neck and inner wrists. The scent lingered on my skin throughout the day, and I loved how it didn't sit within my sweaters and scarves. Plus, it drew plenty of compliments and "What are you wearing?" questions when I embraced my family and friends.

Rating: 5 out of 5. Oscar de la Renta poured his passion into a perfume that transcends generations.

A sample of Oscar de la Renta Extraordinary was provided for review purposes.



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