04/12/2015 10:37 am ET Updated Apr 12, 2015

Here's How Hillary Clinton Decided To Run For President Again

Andrew Burton via Getty Images

Hillary Rodham Clinton will officially announce she’s a candidate for the presidency on Sunday, but she’s been running — in place — for the better part of two years.

Clinton was only out of the State Department a few months in the late spring of 2013, a period she’s often described as one of apolitical reflection, relaxation and recharging, when friends began fielding interesting phone calls from her D.C. mansion, known as Whitehaven. One person in Clinton’s orbit at the time recalls picking up the phone and hearing “Hello! It’s Hillary!” followed by a barrage of detailed queries about the organizational health of state parties in two key presidential battleground states — Florida (bad) and Ohio (much, much worse).

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