04/15/2015 04:56 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2015

Bill Nye Burns Neil DeGrasse Tyson On Twitter Over The Term 'Meteoric Rise'

Jason Kempin via Getty Images

There are no stupid questions.

Make a less-than-profound observation, however, and Bill Nye might just call you out for it. Even if you're Neil deGrasse Tyson.

Tyson took to Twitter on Tuesday, arguing that the phrase "meteoric rise" doesn't make much sense. Hours later, his pal Nye gave him a poke:


Inspired by that burn, The Daily Dot reached into the archives in search of other Nye-Tyson disputes and came up with this exchange about the nature of consciousness:

Take the brain out of it, though, and Tyson is pretty sure he has the brawn to take Nye in a cage match.

"I outweigh him by probably 100 pounds," Tyson explained to Business Insider. "In your classic ... cage match, I really don't think he stands a chance."

Here's a picture of what that might look like:

Sometimes you have to get physical with astrophysicists. My dear friend @neiltyson and I at ASU Origins.

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