04/16/2015 01:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

TJ Maxx Now Sells Plus-Size Clothing On Its Website

TJ Maxx has long been praised for offering discounted designer duds and luxe beauty products, among many other things. Now, if possible, the store just got even better.

The brand launched its first ever online plus-size section on Thursday, giving "Maxxinistas" of all shapes and sizes an opportunity to find a bargain from the comfort of their own homes.

TJ Maxx has always been one of the few retailers that gets it right when it comes to clothing in a broad range of sizes, so the move into digital space is not surprising. What may surprise many people is the fact that TJ Maxx sells clothing online at all. Who knew?!

Check out some of the store's new offerings below, and head to to shop.

tj maxx 1
Levi's Junior Plus Denim Dress, $29.99

tj maxx 2
Milano Plus Printed Maxi Dress, $24.99

tj maxx 3
For Cynthia Plus Linen Open Duster, $34.99



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