04/20/2015 07:00 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

9 Struggles Only People Who Love To Wear Hats Would Understand

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There are some things in life (or fashion) that have the ability to attract a devoted following. Red lipstick, crop tops and overalls all fall under that category, but when it comes to really committing to a trend, nothing holds a candle to a good hat.

Sure, anyone could wear one, but there are a select group of people -- you know who you are -- who are fully committed. Maybe you have an entire collection, or just one that somehow finds its way to your head every day. Either way, there's a very specific, very beautiful connection between you and that hat.

Of course, as with all relationships, there are ups and downs. It will never fail to make you look instantly cooler, regardless of the outfit you're wearing, but there are some downfalls to being so fiercely committed to the cause.

Here are 9 struggles anyone who loves hats will understand.

1. EVERYONE wants to try it on.

"I'm not usually a hat person, but let's just see!"

2. Sometimes it's even used as a prop.

You wanted to see every single party guest's moonwalk impression, right?

3. Two words: Hat. Hair.

4. Sometimes it's hard to see.

5.You're constantly fielding questions about it.

"Do you wear it inside? Do you ever feel awkward? Don't you get hot?"

6. It gives people something to talk to you about -- even if you don't necessarily want to talk to them.

7. You're constantly worried that it's bent out of shape.

8. Doing any activity that involves someone being close to your face is nearly impossible.

9. You can forget about leaning against anything. Ever.

But, despite all these things, you wouldn't dream of trading your hat in for, say, a beanie -- or even worse, no hat at all. You're a hat girl, and you should be proud.



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