04/18/2015 09:44 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'One Big Happy' Star Kelly Brook Loves Her Show's Unconventional Family

NBC's new series "One Big Happy," the story of a lesbian who's having a baby with her dude best friend, may have been considered outlandish 20 years ago. But as one of the show's stars, Kelly Brook, told HuffPost Live on Thursday, it's just a reflection of the ever-expanding definition of what family means.

Brook, who plays the soon-to-be father's new girlfriend named Prudence, explained to host Ricky Camilleri that the show's creator and writer, Liz Feldman, had a similar situation of wanting to have a child with her best friend. While that didn't work out, Brook said it is just one example of families becoming less traditional.

"The whole premise of the show is just to kind of show people that nowadays, what is a kind of conventional family?" she said. "It can be pretty much anything."

Brook said it's "fantastic" that the show is airing on a network like NBC and added that it's important for television to represent all different types of people and situations.

"It's not like we're ramming it down people's throats that you have to accept this now," she said. "It's just, this is our situation and this is how we're trying to make it work, and it's fun and sometimes tricky."

Watch the full interview with Kelly Brook here.

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