04/20/2015 11:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

24 Photos That'll Inspire The Perfect American Road Trip

Matt Lief Anderson

In anticipation of summer and road trip season, we teamed up with online photo community EyeEm to ask our readers for photos that capture what America means to them. The results are stunning! From familiar neighborhood faces to waving flags and landscapes, these photos represent the diversity you'll find on any American road trip.

The 30 images selected by EyeEm and The Huffington Post will be exhibited in San Francisco this summer. To learn more about the challenge, visit EyeEm.

The winner:

By Visual Thought

The runners up:

By Rebecca

By Anne-Sophie

The shortlist:

By nima

By Julen Garces

By Julia Elisa

By Jasmina

By Nei Cruz

By Nicola Buck

By Matt Lief Anderson

By Calen Barnum

By Adedizzle

By Anthony Tulliani

By Gra Cas

By piero migailo

By jon seaton

By m43photographer

By Jimmy Black

By Gabrielle

By Delyan Valchev

By John

By nikmock

By Simi vijay Afun-ogidan

By Meli



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