04/23/2015 12:35 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2015

Calbuco Eruption Photos: After Evacuations, Chileans Have Front-Row View Of Volcano At Dusk

Brilliantly colored clouds, bolts of lightning and columns of fiery ash and lava adorn photos taken near the scene of Volcano Calbuco's eruption Wednesday evening.

The evacuation of the surrounding region had affected at least 4,000 residents as of Wednesday afternoon. But as dusk fell on Southern Chile, cameras were there to capture the eruption's majesty in the fading light.

Chile is part of the Pacific Ring of Fire, a 25,000 mile horseshoe arc of volcanic and seismic hotspots. Calbuco last erupted more than five decades ago, according to Reuters.

Watch a time-lapse of the eruption here.

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