04/23/2015 01:44 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2015

Australian Rugby Player Gives The Most Confusing Interview Ever

Say what?

Australian Rugby Union player Nick Cummins, aka "Honey Badger," might be hard to understand, but his recent interview is a delight to listen to anyway.

SB Nation's Australian correspondent wrote that Cummins, of the Western Force, "is known for his down-to-earth demeanor and post-game interviews that confuse anyone on the planet who isn't Australian."

No kidding.

We picked up (we think) "whacked in the Niagara Falls," "we're going to bloody kick the tires and light the fires" and "there's a bees wanger in it and we're not far off," but you must listen to the entire exchange for the full effect.

There are some very recognizable bits like "this week we fought it out to the end," but there's plenty to translate too, as SB Nation attempts to do.

Cummins' Twitter profile reads, "Never corner a Honey Badger."

Maybe don't try to transcribe one either.

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