04/23/2015 09:49 am ET

Woman Falls Down Sinkhole During Rush Hour In Another Sign That Morning Commutes Are Awful

You can't really win with the morning commute -- it's either a subway car packed like a sardine tin or a sloppy walk in the rain. And now, if you have the luxury of walking to work, it seems even the sidewalks are against you.

A woman was sent to the hospital early Thursday morning after falling through a sinkhole that opened up beneath her in a London sidewalk during rush hour.

A smaller hole had been blocked off with tables and chairs by a cafe owner, but the woman accidentally stepped on top of it while hurrying down the street. Witnesses said they heard a "loud scream" after the gap turned into a 5-foot-wide chasm and she "disappeared" into the sidewalk, according to the Daily Mail.

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Emergency services responded to the incident, which occurred outside the Marrakech Express cafe in Fulham, and transported her to the hospital with minor injuries.

"We've cared for a woman who was shaken after falling through a hole in the pavement in Fuham [sic]," the London Ambulance Service said in a tweet. "We've taken her to hospital."

Earlier reports said the woman fell down the sinkhole with a baby, but London police said she was the only person being treated for injuries, according to the Independent. She may have had a personal shopping cart with her.

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