04/29/2015 01:51 pm ET

You've Been Chopping Parsley All Wrong

When chopping parsley, preparation and technique are key to avoid a clumpy, soggy mess. In order to get that perfect cut, a recently resurfaced Sunset Magazine video explains that completely drying your parsley after washing it is the best way to chop the herb.

After washing your bundle of parsley, do NOT immediately chop it. Sunset recommends drying the herb in a kitchen towel for about 10 minutes. Doing so will get rid of water, which is what usually makes parsley difficult to cut. Unroll your towel, slice up the parsley as your normally would and prepare to sprinkle your new "edible confetti," as the video says.

If you're chopping parsley straight from, say, the garden, there's also an easy cutting technique that can shave time off of prep time. Simply gather your parsley, hold it by the stems and chop at an angle. This way it won't take forever to chop each stalk individually and you can just repeat the process if you missed anything in the first round of cuts.

Watch the video below to see how it's done and you'll be a parsley pro in no time!